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Whether you’re interested in a presentation or an interactive editing workshop, Tiffany is an experienced, engaging, energetic presenter for your conference, meeting, or writers’ group. She has presented workshops and seminars for RWA National, the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, and writers' groups across the country, among many others.

Presentations cover a variety of topics, from learning how to edit your own work to how to fine-tune the mechanics of a story to when and how to go about hiring a professional editor, and what to look for (and what you can expect) when you do.

In addition, one of her more popular workshops features “live edits,” where authors bring in a portion of their work in progress, and Tiffany edits them on the spot, projecting them on a screen so that participants can see how the process works, and the effect judicious editing can have on their prose. There’s no better way to learn to edit your own work than to learn to edit others’, and this type of presentation is a visual, visceral, and enlightening way to learn to polish your own work by seeing how to polish someone else’s.

Tiffany can customize a presentation to your organization’s needs. Here's a sampling of past topics:
·         “Strip-searching Your Prose: A Final Check before You’re ‘Booked’”
·         “Edit Yourself”: Polishing Your Prose with an Objective Eye
·         “Writing from Your Lizard Brain”--Keeping Tension High
·         “Get It Edited”—Hiring a Professional Editor: Why, When, and How to Do It, and What to Know before You Do

Santa Barbara Writers Conference
Edit Yourself with Tiffany Yates Martin from Ninety Degrees Media on Vimeo.


​​​Santa Barbara Writers Conference
Marketing the Muse Workshop: Professional Editor, Tiffany Yates Martin Applies Her Red Pen from Marla Miller on Vimeo.


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